Individual Intensives


Personalized Individual Intensives & Professional Practitioner Intensive Program

The Estuary offers multiple-day intensive workshops created specifically for you. Our compassionate team offers 3 to 10 day intensives that are customized for your specific needs. We provide gentle healing for the whole person.


Intensive Transformational Therapy


While regular individual therapy is beneficial to our overall health, there are times when we need to go deeper and have more intensive work. This can help release trauma or break through negative belief patterns that keep us stuck.  The Estuary therapists use a combination of EMDR, brainspotting, mindfulness work, and experiential therapy to help break through the impasse. Therapists and healing professionals often need personal healing in order to deepen their work with clients. This is why we have also designed a specific program to meet their unique needs.

Healed what I thought could not be healed.
— Nashville resident, 2010

Intensive therapy is helpful when:

  • You have a lot of insight about yourself, but can't seem to break away from destructive patterns that cause pain and keep you from intimacy;
  • You are in recovery or dealing with addiction;
  • You need deep healing work on incest, child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse;
  • You are living with chronic illness, depression, PTSD, anxiety, sexual difficulties, panic attacks or eating disorders;
  • You have witnessed a death, abuse, neglect, political warfare, or trauma;
  • You are a therapist or a healing professional looking to do address your personal issues in order to be more effective with your clients.
This was so gentle and I felt so safe.
— Nashville resident, 2011

Who can benefit


Trauma survivors who are alumni of recovery centers, those struggling with the effects of traumatic grief, war, political or criminal violence, rape, child abuse or neglect, sexual abuse, accidents or natural disasters. Witnesses of these traumatic events benefit tremendously from the process as well. Individuals with chronic illness, trauma related depression, PTSD, anxiety, sexual difficulties, panic attacks and eating disorders have found this work life changing. Often clients find that they want to explore healing in a new way.

Therapists and healing professionals have found the Professional Practitioner Intensive Program useful in processing transference and deep personal issues. This allows their work to be more client-centered, therefore opening the door for stronger therapeutic relationships with their clients.

I wish I could find therapy like this in my hometown.
— California resident, 2009

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I was impressed with how gentle, effective, and immediate the healing could be for such horrific trauma.
— Utah resident, 2010
Thank you so much. I will never forget you.
— London, England resident, 2010