Put the Resolve in Your Resolutions


Wednesday, 5/2/18
6:00pm - 7:00pm

With every new year, most of us vow to make good changes with our habits and our lives. 

What is your resolution? To lose weight? To exercise? To sleep more? To take better care of yourself? 

More times than not, resolutions are put aside and forgotten well before habits can be formed. 

With this monthly class, we will learn about new health topics to increase our knowledge base and spend some time keeping one another accountable for our resolutions.   With knowledge and support, the resolve becomes a part of your resolutions!

Cost: FREE

Facilitator:  Danielle Gilbert, Health Coach

Danielle is a health and wellness coach trained and certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  With a passion for nutrition and a desire to help others live a fuller, healthier, happier life, she came to this profession.  She is also a current student in the studies of Auric Self-Healing and Kabbalistic Self-Healing here at The Estuary's School of Healing Arts.

(Registration is encouraged but drop-ins are welcome too!)

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