Tending to Your Whole Self 

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A FREE Sampling of Integrative Services
at The Estuary


Saturday, January 27th
9:30am - 3:00pm
Cost: FREE!
No RSVP Necessary - Just Come!

The Estuary
3010 Poston Avenue, Suite 200

The integrative services available at The Estuary bring together different elements by considering each person and their circumstances as a whole — mind, body, and spirit.  Anyone can benefit from what we offer; including individuals struggling with chronic illness, those working through grief, recovery, relationship issues, or managing depression/anxiety, or those who just want to enhance their lives by being more present with themselves and/or their own spirituality.

Come for a free day of sampling some of the integrative services the Estuary practitioners have to offer and give some new things a try!

Event Schedule

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This event is all about you getting to try things YOUR way.  Choose to sit and learn classroom style, choose individual sessions with therapists and coaches on site, or choose a drop-in style hands on activity.  Several choices will be scheduled simultaneously throughout the day.  No registration required... just drop in at your leisure.  Arrive early if you want to take advantage of the one-on-one session appointments.  Sign ups for those sessions will be available that day.

Tending to Your Whole Self Event Schedule for Saturday, 1/27/18
10:00am - 11:00am WORKSHOP:
Get Your Happy On!
facilitated by Maureen Doyle, MAT, Life Coach

Do you find yourself struggling to put on a happy face? Are you drowning in a sea of negative thoughts? Join this informative workshop and explore how you can take control of your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts control you!

• Learn the technique that life coaches use to unearth limiting thoughts.
• Discover how you can change those limiting thoughts into thoughts that will create a life of joy and ease.
• Feel empowered to practice these techniques on your own.
Ongoing all day... just drop in!

No Fear Art: Fearless Watercolors with Wanda
facilitated by Wanda Collins Johnson, Artist and School of Healing Arts Graduate

Drop in at any time for this very casual watercolor class that also involves a bit of drawing. Learn to relax and enjoy art -- enjoy the process of painting rather than being focused on the end product. Learn to be less inhibited by your own judgements and instead notice the immense fun of being present with art. Be present and learn to work with What Is.
Available all day...just sign up for a time when you arrive!

• Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healings

• Life Coaching

• Nutritional Coaching

• Energy Therapy
11:00am - 12:00pm WORKSHOP:
Taking the Driver’s Seat with Your Health: Being Your Own Advocate
facilitated by Danielle Gilbert

Danielle is a health and wellness coach trained and certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With a passion for nutrition and a desire to help others live a fuller, healthier, happier life, she came to this profession. She is also a current student in the studies of Auric Self-Healing and Kabbalistic Self-Healing here at The Estuary's School of Healing Arts.
12:00pm - 1:00pm WORKSHOP:
Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls: The Beauty of Their Sounds and Vibrations
Facilitated by Lucy Marshall White, RN, BSN, Integrative Energy Therapist Specializing in Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy
OM, the sounds of ancient Tibetan bowls - SO amazing and relaxing. Come and hear the sounds of 23 ancient Tibetan bowls, feel their vibrations.

• What is so special about Tibetan bowls?
• Why can they be so relaxing and healing?

Sit back and enjoy!
1:00pm - 2:00pm WORKSHOP:
Life Design: Tools for Creating the Life You Desire
Facilitated by Lynn Bartrum, Certified Life Coach, Integrative Therapist
This class explores the Wheel of Life, a process that will help you to identify and focus on your priorities, clarify your deepest desires, and assess your current life balance - or areas of imbalance!

Learn how you may utilize this simple tool to experience powerful results!
2:00pm - 3:00pm CLASS:
Chakra Meditations
Facilitated by Susan Beyler, Integrative Therapist
Simply put, chakras are the way that we exchange energy with life. We will practice centering and energizing meditations.