The Organizing Principle, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

The organizing principle of my daily life is I go to work most days, visit with family and friends on weekends, travel and enjoy my husband.  A pretty simple organizing principle.

    When St Therese’ of Lisieux wrote this statement in about 1890, she was profoundly speaking to what I struggle with today.  The trap I fall into is trying to perfectly get my spiritual and corporal lives together.   I want silence, peaceful meditation, and intimate close relationships with long talks about what matters most.  I want to feel physically healthy and pain free, emotionally fulfilled and happy, and spiritually connected during my days.

    I keep failing.

    Then I ponder the words of St. Therese.  I realize that I am holding onto my “suffering” as I struggle for perfection. My “tragic wounds” that I have so unsuccessfully struggled with most of my adult life require surrender to them.  The spiritual angst of this struggle IS the spiritual path I am longing to follow.  This path is turning me into a wise and holy person.

    Now I understand the opening quote.   I have organized my life around increasing awareness of my imperfections and it is turning me into a compassionate, peaceful, expansive person.

    Just what I was after in the first place!  My spiritual life is organizing around my imperfections!  Why didn’t someone tell me that long ago?!