The Gift We Are Looking For by Suzy Newman

“The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook”

                    - William James

Many of us are searching for something. The search for…  Well, at first it is to be "happy.”  At least that is what we think and if we stay on the path, it turns out to be much, much more.  We seem to want to look at everything.  We are curious about our past, present, and even future.  We want to figure out a way we can know enough and have enough insight to be happy.  Along the way we find pieces of information and insights that are true.

However, here at the Estuary & the School of Healing Arts, we take what we discover and we learn to embody it.  When we embody the information we have another level of information.  We have thoughts which pass through our minds and when we connect the mind with the body - our body will feel it before our mind can grasp it.  They go together like lightening and thunder. 

William James uses the word “wise."  When we embody the information, we allow ourselves to “overlook” the things which give us a $500 charge (physical intensity) to a $5 problem.  We “overlook” that which creates a reaction to our “past story."  Thus allowing us to be in the present moment as authentic as we can.  Which really is the gift we are all looking for.

Suzy Newman

Integrative Counselor & Director of the School of Healing Arts

(615) 714-0773