Thoughts on Living through the Life of Shadow and Reflection, by Larkin Oates, MFA, MA

In Dante's journeys, "Dis" refers to the underworld of shadow and reflection.  During a recent NPR interview "On Being," author, storyteller, and funny man Kevin Kling shared his “Kabbalah-esque” view of being “dis-abled”.   He describes his experience as, “Being ‘Abled’ through the world of shadow and reflection”.  I like this empowered reframe… because I am “abled.”

As a student in mysticism, I see the "land of shadow and reflection" as the realm of our emotions (Yetserah) or the emotional cycles through dark and light which our own epic journeys take us.

I am grateful that through Kabbalistic studies, one can learn to receive God (in Briah) into life (in Assiyah) despite the divine comedy of our mandatory journeys between them through Yetserah.

Larkin Oates, MFA, MA