Worrying Gets Me Nowhere, by Jenny Emerson, LMFT, LMT

Sometimes I have to do things I don’t want to do. I get caught up in my head about how uncomfortable it will be, how things could go wrong, or how I wish I didn’t have to do this. All the worry just makes things worse. My stomach gets tied up in knots, my heart races and my shoulders get really tight.

All the back up plans I devise in my head, all the avoidance strategies I create, and all the conversations I prepare for don’t ever really solve my problems. They actually create more. My body feels bad, I usually don’t eat well during stress, and I don’t get other tasks done or done well because I am busy worrying.

So today I put all this worry out in front of me like a cloud. I walk right into and let myself go ahead and feel the ickiness but keep walking. Amazingly enough, I come out the other side feeling empowered.

Have you ever heard the saying, “That which we resist, persists.” It’s true. When I allow myself the opportunity to go ahead and experience the ickiness, I realize it isn’t as bad as I had made it out to be. Plus, I get empowered to go ahead and do the task at hand because I learn by walking through the ickiness, I am stronger and more capable than I remembered.

May you too experience this freedom of empowerment.

Peace and blessings,

Jenny Emerson, LMFT, LMT