Footloose and Facebook Free, by Jenny Emerson, LMFT, LMT

I am giving up Facebook until the end of Lent on March 31st. Some of you might think, “Why would you give up all those pics and funny jokes?” Or others might say, “Really? This is something you have to “give up” like you would chocolate?” But yes, I am giving it up and have to give it up.

You see I have learned that it just fosters false intimacy. Instead of calling someone and asking how they are doing we just go online and see what they are posting. Instead of meeting for coffee to share all the wonderful pictures from our vacation, we just post them online.

In an age where we Google and Facebook stalk a potential mate before we ever go on the first date, we are judging people by one-dimensional surface instead of getting to know all the intricate complexities that make up a person. What opportunities for real connection are missing out on before they ever have a chance to get started?

I miss the personal connection I used to have with my friends and family. So I am giving up Facebook and am getting up close and personal with those that I love.

I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes. 

Jenny Emerson, LMFT, LMT