We Dance, by Laurette Yund, BSN, MHS

I love the following saying:

“I think we don’t have an ideology, we don’t have theology –
we dance…”

(Shinto priest)

It is difficult to explain what we call “energy work” here at the Estuary. Description is elusive, and words can’t adequately depict this profound process. We talk about using focused vibrational energy to promote health and balance; we describe energy work as being an extremely effective modality that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual realms and deepens one’s relationship with self.

What we ultimately strive to do is connect with the Universal Energy Field and raise our vibrational frequency, intuitively allowing the energy to flow how it is most needed by each client. We don’t follow a strict ideology, though we have endless ideas! We don’t have a rigid philosophy – we welcome all belief systems.

We listen and move to the song of the Universe, the one harmonic that connects us all in light and love throughout eternity…

We dance.