The In-Between Time, by Jenny Emerson, LMFT, LMT

Over the past few weeks my clients have been presenting feelings of being caught in between two opposites. They have moments of excitement but also feel some disappointment too or they are moving ahead in some areas of life but feel stuck in others.  I noticed that as the month of March progressed this escalated.

I notice it in our middle Tennessee weather too. We aren’t part of winter necessarily anymore but we aren’t fully into spring yet either. We are fluctuating back and forth between the two.

That’s how life works. There are seasons where we are wrapping up a part of our lives. It isn’t completely over but we see light at the end of the tunnel. At the same time we are beginning a new chapter. We haven’t fully stepped into it yet but are starting to experience the early signs of possibility.

We can consider this an in-between time. We may often complain or feel restless during this fluctuation but what I have learned is to embrace it.  I ask myself the following questions: Am I trying to medicate the feelings of restlessness? Why am I so convinced that I can’t withstand sitting through them? Where do I need to extend gratitude for what has been? Where do I need to take steps of courage and risk new vulnerability? What have I learned in the closing chapter that could be put to use in the next one?

During this season of in-between may you create your own questions for reflection and growth.  I look forward to seeing you around The Estuary and hearing your stories.

Jenny Emerson, LMFT, LMT