What is Hope? by Susan Beyler

In the last few weeks, the word ‘hope’ has caught my ear.  These have been conversations about significant events; not the hope as in ‘I hope my favorite team wins’.  Since I, too, have had occasion lately to use the word, I started thinking about what it was that I meant when I said ‘I hope’.
I read several things that others had written on the subject and extrapolated a definition that matched the feeling the word gave me.  

"HOPE IS THE BELIEF IN THE MYSTERIOUS ALONG WITH CURIOSITY."  A belief in the mysterious calls me to the work of holding the vastness, the timeless, formless, infinite, Omni-directional world I know exists. I know it does because I feel it and I have seen it in action.  Being curious calls me to the present, here, now, concrete, static, is-ness of what is also happening around me.  I know it does because I feel it and see it in action.

So now, when I feel I might be losing/have lost hope, I can ask myself – which of the two experiences am I the least in touch with, and how can I add it back into my life?
Susan Beyler