Trust the Darkness, by Suzy Newman

I often forget in the midst of the darkness that the fear and pain will end up in the bright sunshine of daylight. The following by Melody Beattie is one of my favorites.

Embrace the Lessons of Night, by Melody Beattie

I reached Wyoming’s Yellowstone Park late, much later than I had planned. The park was sprawling. I wasn’t certain how to find the lodge. I couldn’t find anyone to ask for help or directions. Tired and exhausted, I couldn’t make sense of the map. I found myself driving around and around, becoming almost frantic.

Suddenly, beyond the treetops, I spotted a bright light. Good, I thought, it must be the lodge. I drove a little farther, then stopped the car and started in awe. What I saw stilled my heart, and calmed my frantic pace. Above Yellowstone Lake, nestled between two mountain peaks glowed a huge, white, full moon, the largest I’d ever seen it. The pines stood guard, quiet and still. A light layer of snow and ice frosted the lake’s surface. I pulled to the side of the road and watched the moon set. It was the single most beautiful, breathtaking scene of the journey.

I would never have seen this scene in the daytime. I would never have seen this moon, had I not gotten lost. I would never have seen it, had it not been this particular time of night. So maybe I’m not lost, I thought. And maybe I’m not late. Maybe what I’m really doing is taking a beautiful evening drive.

When we’re lost, when the way gets dark, sometimes we see things we never would have seen in the daylight. Sometimes the lessons we learn in the darkness are breathtakingly beautiful.

Enjoy the sunshine, but trust

the darkness, too. It is more than to

be endured. It is to be experienced,

and later cherished.