Joy Stands Alone, by Susan Beyler

Reporting a lovely experience.

This winter, an old friend made contact.  We met for coffee and caught up; it was great to see them.  A few days later, they called again and suggested dinner.  I agreed, we made plans, we said goodbye.  I was totally unprepared for what happened next!  Even writing it now, I’m having the most lovely feeling.

Here’s my report:

First part:

What I experienced:

  • The whole inside of my body turned colors, mostly reds and blues. 
  • The whole inside of my skin felt like I’d combined baking soda and vinegar inside my body – it’s my non-toxic recipe for sluggish drain cleaner!!! 
  • My face was feeling so fine and I couldn’t keep my lips together; they just melted into a smile allllll over my face.  
  • My legs lifted my body until I was up on the balls of my feet and dancing soooooo hard; whooping and humming.

That part was exactly – really exactly – like some other times in my life.  My early adulthood, but that got complicated so fast, so the above experience was fleeting.  This was like high school - without the shame and fear.  The time where you didn’t think to ask, ”Is this the person I’m meant to be with?”  It wasn’t relevant.

Second part:

What I added:

  • The wisdom to know – to really know – what exactly this lovely experience means – and does not mean.
  • All happening while dancing.  
  • As someone sez – priceless.

Last part:

What I heard:

It was a divine experience – really, divine.  I heard a voice; really.  So, since only me and the god of my understanding were there, I have to accept it was one of us.  Whatever; it was/is/will always be used fullll---

“Joy stands alone”

I knew immediately what I/we meant. 

  • That this feeling – described above – was the essence of joy; the little volcano in my body that was wonderful. 
  • Whatever happens next does not change the quality or memory or reality of that experience.
  • No matter what, joy stands alone.
  • And, joy stands alone.  It does not change an experience into a reality.
  • That’s different work; joy stands alone.

How’d the future turn out?  Still friends; no volcanoes.


Susan Beyler, Integrative Therapist

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