We Make Ourselves Strong, by Susan Beyler

Since I was young, I have enjoyed reading greeting cards – good ones.  I was drawn to the experience of saying what you want in the fewest amount of words.  Poetry can be like that, but not always.

Part of what I enjoy about facebook is the same – saying what you want in the fewest number of words.    I enjoy small posts that contain a large amount of wisdom and/or humor.  I appreciate the small things that I can remember and use in a life situation.

(One that I’ve been muttering to myself has been “I’m so tired from having to control myself, I need a nap!” – lol!)

This weekend was an emotional shipwreck.  I don’t know if it was planet alignment, the meteor dragging its own moon, the tornadoes in the heartland or hormone fluctuations, but it was a wreck.

Something that I remembered from a post became a piece of driftwood that I could grab hold of and keep my head above water in the swiftly moving current.

It was a quote from Carlos Castaneda:

We can make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong; it takes the same amount of effort”. 

If the quote had said something like ‘we can make ourselves miserable or happy’, I wouldn’t have remembered it – not useful.  But to name the alternative as ‘strong’ made it very helpful. 

When the chatter was starting in my head, I could grab hold and ask myself the question – miserable or strong?  Same amount of effort?  No brainer!

‘Strong’ in that moment might look like ‘grieve the loss’ or ‘what can I do?’ or ‘stop yammering and do the dishes’. 

Made it thru the weekend, got lots done, had some fun and it finally rained!!!



Susan Beyler