Searching for Wisdom, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

I want wisdom, and truth, and my authentic self. I often feel all of that when I am sitting with a client in a session and our truths meet one another. Then, a third thing happens that is mostly experienced as fulfillment, satisfaction, and completion. I fall in love with the process and with my client. In those moments, I fall in love with my life!

Jesus said; “Where Two or more are gathered in my name there I AM.” I was taught in Christian schools that was about God being in church. I think it is something more. I believe that Jesus understood the concept of opposites and light and darkness co-existing.

It makes sense that when something dark and painful happens in our life that we would want to get away from it. Many students who come to study with me mistakenly want to study a spiritual path to “get rid of” dark painful feelings. However, in the realm of spiritual work and development, it is often not correct. The practice of spirituality is teaching us to trust both the light and the dark feelings and events that show up in our lives.

Learning to follow a spiritual path means I daily practice staying with the opposites showing up in my life. I don’t have to chase either good or bad things, it means as my life evolves and I move into it, I am aware of opposites showing up. For example, I feel a part of a community and I often feel so alone. I am happy, yet depression and hopelessness teases me at the edges of my awareness. Opposites are a normal part of aliveness.

Noticing these opposites, staying present with them brings me peace, stillness and an awareness of the presence of my Higher Self.

I am falling in love with opposites.


Susan Austin-Crumpton

Founder & Executive Director, The Estuary