Embracing the Healing Time, by Laurette Yund, BSN, MHS

I was deeply moved when I read the following poem by Pesha Joyce Gertler.  Her story resonated with my own life experience, bringing sadness and regret, until the last words lifted me high with compassion and love.  And I looked at my life with fresh eyes, with acceptance, embracing this too is God.

The Healing Time
Finally on my way to yes
I bump into
All the places
Where I said no
To my life
All the untended wounds
The red and purple scars
Those hieroglyphs of pain
Carved into my skin, my bones,
Those coded messages
That send me down
The wrong street
Again and again
Where I find them
The old wounds
The old misdirections
And I lift them
One by one
Close to my heart
And I say holy
            --Pesha Joyce Gertler


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