Sweetness, by Susan Beyler

Ponderings –   

“This, too, shall pass”

I’ve used reflecting on this phrase to help me pace myself through hardship, heartbreak and suffering. 

Pondering the human elusive quest for peace and serenity, this same phrase came to my mind (who sends these things?)

And when I applied it to my reflection of my life’s successes, easy times, and abundance, I realized it was true here also – I could never could get that joyful feeling to stick around and I tried everything! 

As I thought about this, I braced myself for a feeling of sad and hopeless, but I was surprised – I had a beautiful experience of sweetness. 

I realized it was in the passing – everything passeth – that the sweetness of life came through.  Each moment, any moment, all moments are paseth-ing – I want to love them all.

 I can live with that.