Find a Way, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

     “Find A Way”
             -- Diane Nyad

My daughter is a hero.  She is a nurse practitioner working with elderly demented patients.  When she was working with an Asian woman who spoke no English and refused to eat, she and the staff were perplexed.  It was clear her patient was not in this reality.  How were they to take care of her physical needs?

This amazing Nurse Practitioner found a way!  Stopping at an Asian restaurant on her time off she bought a regional dish for the patient and took it to the hospital with her and offered it to the woman.  It worked!  The ancient woman ate and smiled!  She thought she was in her native country and didn’t recognize American food!

Why am I so amazed at this simple solution and act of kindness? 

As humans we need, indeed we must, connect with ourselves and with other people.  We need connection to thrive and survive.  To be human requires a deep, intimate, vulnerable connection with self first.  Why do we resist the path to truly knowing ourselves?  The answer is usually a negative message we have about ourselves as a result of being flooded with shame in our past.

To find the subtle and deeper levels of self usually requires input from a trusted other person often in the role of helper or friend.  I often remind my students (and myself), if we are experiencing a strong negative reaction to anything!  Or anyone!  Look first to the distortions you are harboring about who you really are.  That strong reaction is a good pointer toward self-discovery that may lead to deep inner connection to your authentic self.

Connection with self and other people is frequently as simple as finding a way to confront negative images of self, try again and never stop trying. 

Meher Baba said, “If you want to find God, then know yourself.”  The path to spiritual fulfillment calls you to find a way to realize that the person inside yourself looking for connection is the person you are looking for.


Susan Austin-Crumpton

Founder & Executive Director, The Estuary