I Am Not Who You Think I Am! , by guest blogger Charlotte Mabry, Ed.D.

I may look like just another 63 year old chubbette to some of you as body parts drop and gray invades my hair. I assure you inside I am a jock, a ballet dancer, a comedian, a mistress of the universe, your dream friend and your worst nightmare. I am woman hear me roar, and whine and whimper. I am loyal as a junkyard dog and can hold your secrets in the vault of my mind. I am a yogi, an adventurer and a spy as I sit in the coffee shop watching the goings on of younger generations. I have worn short dresses, high heels, flung my hair about and done the dance of flirtation. I am not anybody’s mother or grandmother, yet I am an aunt, a great aunt and a fairy godmother to a number of people. What you cannot see from the outside is what is on the inside of this woman. I am a wounded child, a bitch, an impudent teenager, a lover, a fighter, a friend and a soul mate. What you can’t see from the outside is that I am blessed and I know it. I have cheated death more than once, I have adapted, and I have great friends and a husband who should be looked at for sainthood. What you can’t see from the outside is that I am worthy of all these blessings and I finally know it. I hope you know that you too are worthy, not entitled but worthy. I hope my fellow coffee housemates that you will not suffer through decades not knowing that you are worthy. If you are hurting, know that you are worthhealing and it is never too late to have a dream, make a life, and increase your skills or jump out of an airplane.


Charlotte Mabry, Ed.D., is the Founder of Worthhealing.net, a therapeutic approach to understanding our feelings and behavior about money, www.worthhealing.net (website may still be under construction).  This is a new program that will start in 2014.   You can reach her at charlotte@worthhealing.net or (615)210-5803 cell. 

Charlotte is a graduate of the School of Healing Arts, has studied Gestalt Therapy with Irv and Miriam Polster and wrote her dissertation on Locus of Control.  Charlotte is also a founding Partner of Mabry-Calvin, LLC.