Finding Zen, by Laurette Yund, BSN, MHS

The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.

- Robert M. Pirsig        

I have been a seeker since early childhood.  I grew up in a strict Catholic home and was  ecstatic when introduced as a young teenager to Eastern philosophy and other non-Christian ideas – what an eye opener!  I read a ton of books, visited temples and mosques and ashrams, and literally climbed many mountains.  But I remained restless and curious, not finding exactly what I sought so I could settle down and feel at home with myself.

Years of study at the Estuary have been an enormous help to me.  Our philosophy resonates with Pirsig’s statement – we have everything within our own pure quality and simply need a little guidance to recognize and tap into the wisdom within.  It is not about looking for something “out there”, but turning to ourselves for knowledge and inner discovery.  As an energy healer, I don’t do something “to” clients, but teach them they are part of the  healing process…to manifest the Divinity within,  and come home.

There is no need to search the top of the mountain.


Laurette Yund, BSN, MHS, Energy Healer

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