Kabbalah and The Mystery of Life, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

I was searching for something. I was not sure what. It was like standing in front of a spiritual cupboard wanting “that something” I could not identify. Years and years of standing there searching to find solace for my soul.

After completing four years of study at a highly respected mystical school, the restlessness and yearning continued. Then I began my studies of Kabbalistic Healing eighteen years ago I knew I had found relief for my inner yearning; Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism.

Kabbalah is a strange path for a traditionally educated Christian woman. But, there I was, in a class in NJ and loving it!

Kabbalah is an ancient living tradition learned orally from one holy man to another answering the questions of life, the universe and the nature of Divinity. It provides a structure for personal growth, study, belief, and self-realization. It is not a form, religion or a theory about life and humanity. It is a life long pursuit of seeking the Divine through study of self. Kabbalah is like a skeleton, only there to provide form for self development and soul connection. It predates any known religion.

Kabbalah is a word meaning “receiving,” it cannot be mastered but is passed on to all who want to know. It teaches us that each human soul will eventually perfect itself through a series of journeys. Perfecting this journey will result in joy and union with the Divine. It is not an easy journey, but a path filled with wisdom and treasure to those who persevere. And believe me, it takes perseverance.

I am asked frequently if someone can enter a Kabbalah class with me. There are two ways of studying Kabbalah at The Estuary. One is a long 6-year path of personal evolution that often continues on a monthly basis for many who long for that spiritual something for their souls. This is the receiving path.

Another way to study Kabbalah is through a system of monthly classes that teach Kabbalah as a system of knowledge and tools for living. This shorter path is taught without the powerful energy being transmitted in the more skilled study.

Imagine that you are able to receive the powerful creative energy of the universe! Anything is possible, all creation waits for you. However, it needs to be received through and into YOU.  You are a very small container for this magnificence. Putting these two aspects into union is the process of Kabbalistic study.

To study Kabbalah is to enter into The Mystery of Life.


Susan Austin-Crumpton
Founder & Executive Director, The Estuary
Email:   susanaustincrumpton@theestuary.org