This Little Light of Mine, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

I saw The Light in the hall outside my office last week!

It was amazing, clear and bright.  This brilliance was emanating from a new incoming student for next year and I smiled in joy that she was finding her way home to the light inside her beautiful heart. (She may recognize this since she said she read these newsletters!)

I was pondering on the whole universe as a stream of consciousness and light. How this one soul was so much a part of that consciousness. How we only need to wake up and remember this to feel this satisfying Oneness that existed before words, before things, before we were born.

We practice healing as spiritual path. Healer and healee become one in this consciousness that enlightens all. The path of healing self and others becomes the light and consciousness of creation.

The danger here is in believing we have mastered healing. Then all wisdom and knowledge returns to static form of memory where it becomes stale and dark without light. Embodying and living this light means allowing moments of confusion and not knowing. Something memory cannot allow.

Allowing myself not to know is the obstacle to notice. To wonder anew each moment, each student, each class, permits the endless flow of awe and participation. This is the creative process that fills my soul with astonishment and delight living moment to moment.

Welcome, new light and brilliance! I will travel this wonder along side you with gratitude.


Susan Austin-Crumpton

Founder & Executive Director, The Estuary