Who I Am, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

“The Art of Connection is an energy and wisdom of the heart that includes personal vulnerability and will change the world.”

     - Miles Adcox, CEO, Onsite Workshops

I am often fearful of letting anyone hear who I truly am.  I open myself to the worst of all reactions from others… silence. There I write tragic and negative stories about the messages from the other person.  I was reminded the other night to offer grace to my audience and to myself.

Listening to Miles Adcox give a vulnerable and personally authentic presentation on the value of heart connection in relationship, I felt my heart open and felt inspired.

As helpers, therapists and lovers of relationships it is often easier to remember to share what I know than who I am.  It takes risk and truth to be real. It’s a scary thing for me to risk rejection and humiliation.

I am reminded that it is my spiritual, loving, and vulnerable self that makes me human.  This uniquely human quality helps me to reason, to make choices about my subliminal instincts, to be useful to society, and to love and connect to others in a way only humans can love.

And, it can also do harm as I write my distorted historical emotional past onto this present moment creating depression, anxiety and separation in society.

I am choosing to use my vulnerable spiritual self as a high road to the fulfillment of my greatest hopes for connection.  I am trusting my spiritual self to be the transcendent product of my humanity and the product of my very complex biological self.


Susan Austin-Crumpton
Founder & Executive Director, The Estuary
Email:   susanaustincrumpton@theestuary.org