Empowerment, by Susan Beyler

Empowerment – taking control, responsibility and satisfaction of my life back for myself.

It’s been my task of my spiritual development to bring empowerment to my life.  At first, I thought that learning the skills would be hard and difficult and full of resistance. 

But, what I am finding is the pre-adolescent voice inside that is not interested in doing work, making effort, being accountable. 

I like it easy; I’m used to putting ‘easy’ as a priority.  Being dependent on others for my life was easy; painful, uncomfortable, chaotic – but, hey, my family and culture and religion taught me that I can endure – just keep striving for easy.

Empowerment isn’t easy; it calls me to be impeccably honest with myself, keep my word to myself and dig my ditches and get the sludge moving.  I want to be an intellectual, not a ditch-digger!

I choose empowerment over easy – new life.


Susan Beyler