Becoming Who You Are, by Laurette Yund, BSN, MHS

I was deeply moved when reading the following passage in the book Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen (paraphrased):

When children are judged, criticized and reshaped into what is wanted rather than supported, not allowed to develop naturally into who they are, they “form spores” and wall the unloved parts of themselves away.

Many of my clients and myself share a common thread – a history of natural exuberance and curiosity being suppressed, neglected or even abused.  So we learned to hide; not just physically, but metaphorically…protecting our most precious essence from harm.  We form spores.  Yet I was also excited to read the passage!  Nothing was erased or destroyed or lost, simply buried until safe to come out.  Hope!

All of us at the Estuary aim to create a safe, compassionate environment of acceptance and nourishment, encouraging a client’s authentic characteristics and gifts to emerge.  I have been in awe of the energy work I do with clients, bearing witness to their renewed growth and excitement as they become who they are. 

In the comforting space of love, they no longer need to hide.


Laurette Yund, BSN, MHS, Energy Healer
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