Acceptance in Waiting, by Andrea Pizzano, MMFT

I recently thought about the difference between being stuck verses being in waiting when life presents us with challenges. There are many times I've felt stuck and alone with no choices. Usually I am fighting really hard to combat the situation through avoiding, being in denial or trying everything to fix the situation at hand.  I end up feeling more anxiety, more hopeless and more stuck then I started out.

However, when I accept that I don't have the perfect answer or the perfect choices, or the perfect ability to control everything that could go wrong and could go right, all I have left is acceptance of the truth and who I am in this present moment.

It's funny, in the beginning of change or a major life transition, acceptance may not even be a blip on my radar. It certainly won't feel like enough to outweigh the impending doom and gloom that I'm certain is coming.

Yet when I stop fighting against what is currently unfolding in my life, I eventually feel stronger, more resilient and once again I have choices that aren't based in fear but in the truth; most importantly, my truth and my authentic and unique experience of myself.

I've learned that being in waiting is actually about allowing and accepting what" is " in the present moment. When we allow, we feel, we process, we move through it, we learn and we grow and we feel stronger. This is never easy but I find that resisting instead seems to become harder over time.

Andrea Pizzano, MMFT, Integrative Therapist