The Kingdom of God, by guest blogger Gail Cooney

Tonight at my bible study group, we were talking about worship. One of the qualities of worship that I identify with is an awareness of God's presence in my life.  I started thinking about the way Jesus talks of the Kingdom of God as something we experience on earth, not just something known after our death.  It feels like a parallel universe and we strive to be aware of it and live both at the same time.

And that brought me to drawings made in class at The School of Healing Arts where we are at the bottom and where God is at the top (at least at the top of the page) with our emotional/earthly selves keeping us from bringing the spiritual Kingdom of God into our lives.  That's what energy work is teaching me - how to actively connect into God's spirit on a regular or irregular but intentional basis. And when I am successful - wow!

I've been thinking about being happy.  I smile a lot now.  People comment on the fact that I am smiling.  It's happiness bubbling out.  Not for anything or anyone - just from being more spiritually connected.

Gail Austin Cooney