The Log in Our Eye, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

"We see the splinter in our brother or sisters’ eye
And miss the log in our own.”
(Matthew 7:4-5)

I can’t help but watch the political conversations going on everywhere!  

Everyone seems more intent on defending their opinions, and less concerned with the thought processes and the life experiences that brought them to those opinions.

As liberals, we are experts at defending issues of equality and rights without considering the loyalty and need for structure from the other side.  As conservatives, we defend tradition and individual rights to be free of government without considering the burdens this places on many individuals in outside groups.

In both of these conversations it seems that the ego is still in charge.  The ego ignores powerlessness (read wonder, awe and curiosity) and tries to contrive our own makeover by our own rules:   “If I am right then I win!  If I win then I have value!”

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that caused the problem in the first place.”

Without a new consciousness and tenderness from both sides of the political conversation, the whole idea of consensus, negotiation and agreement never takes off!  This new consciousness includes letting go of the need to be right and to be willing to die to our egos, at least a little.

What the ego hates more than anything is for the world to change.  So we all do more of what is not working.

I am opening my heart and my ears.  I am inviting in tenderness and letting go.  I don’t want my country to end up as the poet W.H Auden says:  “We would rather be ruined than changed.”

Not me.   Get thee behind me, Ego!        


Susan Austin-Crumpton
Founder & Executive Director, The Estuary