Hearing Heart, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

Many years ago when I was on a silent retreat, I awoke in the morning with a loving sense of Holy Presence.  This “answering angel” had no form, yet touched my heart tenderly and reached the core of my being.   I had clear knowledge that everything that had happened to me in my past had happened for a reason.  I set my path that day with a loving heart and pure intention.
I have never viewed the world in the same way since that moment.
I have had many teachers and studied with gurus.  My conclusions are simple and clear.  Those who study any religious or mystical path to learn to manipulate the world to their personal advantage are embarked on a dangerous path.  Those who seek holy teachings to seek power over others will find themselves drawn to darkness.
The world is a strange place right now.  With both political sides fighting with such fear and hate.   I begin to wonder if the Middle East terrorists fear is floating on the wind and the rest of the world has “caught it” like catching the flu.
I believe it is only by seeking the embrace of loving kindness, rather than undeserved wealth or individual power can I carve a protected path for myself.  My belief is that power comes from a yearning in my heart than opinions in my mind.  According to mystical teaching,  spiritual awakening cannot be derived through intellectual reasoning and opinions alone.
King Solomon, considered a wise man, prayed to God for the gift of a“hearing heart”.  He could have asked to be “right”, or informed or powerful with his knowledge.  Instead he asked that his heart be opened to hear others.
My prayer is that the answering angel shows up in love and clarity for all of us as a nation and as a planet.  My prayer is that the heart of us all answers with a deep “hearing” .

Susan Austin-Crumpton, Executive Director & Founder
The Estuary, Inc.