Participation, by Suzy Newman

What I have seen is the totality recapitulated as One,
Received not in essence but by participation.
It is just as if you lit a flame from a live flame:
It is the entire flame you receive.
    --St. Symeon the New Theologian

I absolutely adored this when I read it this morning.  I love the imagery of the flame because it makes total sense to me.  The “essence” St Symeon is referring to, I believe, is God (the flame)…and to believe I am the essence of God is a very comforting thought.

Yet, without participation, that’s all God is, just a thought.  A very pleasant and comforting thought, yet a thought nonetheless.   In order to access the God within me, I must participate.   Then the question becomes, what does participate look like, or mean? 

To participate means being conscious and present in every moment I can. The Kabbalah teaches it takes two to ignite the creative forces in the universe.  So if I do not present my essence, by participating, nothing new will be created and I just live in the lovely thought, I am the essence of God.  

Participation /presence though (that’s where the real magic happens) allows me to tap into the creative powers of the universe which brings about change in my life and also in the world around me.

The School of Healing Arts here at The Estuary teaches how to participate in the Presence of True Self and Presence of God.  Here in community and love true Presence Unfolds.

Suzy Newman
Integrative Therapist, The Estuary
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