Energy Healing, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos,
Music embedded deep within us to which we dance,
Even when we can’t name the tune.          --Deepak Chopra

What is energy healing?
When I was a child it always felt like I was being accompanied or “watched”!  Sometimes I would hear my name called or other lovely sounds that no one else seemed to notice.  My conclusion was that I must be crazy and needed to keep this observance secret.
Now as a seasoned energy healer, or Integrative Therapist, I know what was happening!  I, you, we ALL are walking around in a vibrational field of electrical impulses composed of the universal energy field surrounding the planet, called The Field or The Aura.  This is a fact that science can validate easily.

Blocks or interruptions in these vibrations can eventually interrupt the healthy resonance of your electrical rhythm, which over time can contribute to the disease phenomenon.  These blocks can be caused by emotional trauma that is repeated over time.
Simply stated then, energy healing is simply gaining emotional untangling through insight, awareness and self-discovery.  By reconnecting to your spiritual source the effect on the material body is improved health and quality of life! 
Here at The Estuary, all of the Integrative Practitioners have been trained for 6-10 years at The School of Healing Arts embarking on an inward journey of self discovery, Auric Field awareness, and counseling skills.  Many are also Licensed Clinical Professionals.

You can enjoy healing by “table work”:  Lying fully dressed on a massage table and being transported to a stress free relaxed state.  Or enjoy table work through a combination of talk therapy and energy therapy which makes this journey of self healing twice as effective!
            Scientific Proof!

  • Those receiving energy healing had an increase in brain activity associated with positively coping with stress and stress-related inflammation remained lower.
  • Those receiving energy healing reported significantly better results than others when it came to reduced physical and emotional pain.
  • Compared to exercise, consistent energy healing reported better results than everyone else when it came to physical and emotional pain.

We are offering a summer special.  For $25 per 30 minute table healing, come as often as possible and devote this summer to finding and experiencing your authentic self!

Call us to schedule.  615-467-6462!

Susan Austin-Crumpton
Executive Director & Founder
The Estuary, Inc.