New version of a Good Day, by Susan Beyler

This January I started a gratitude jar – writing what I was grateful for each day and putting the note in a jar. 

After a short while, it stopped feeling very helpful.  At my age (old) I am very aware of being grateful; as us geezers say, ‘I’m grateful for any day above ground’.

A short time later, I saw an interview with Steven Pressfield; what he said really caught my attention.

He was asked, “What do you consider a ‘good day’?”

He answered that he didn’t measure a good day by how much he got done, but rather, he asked himself if he was able to push through his resistance that day.

If the answer was yes, it was a good day.

This has become my new measure and what I celebrate and record every night for my jar. 

Tackling a project I’ve been putting off, stopping at the bank even though I want to get home,  having a conversation that I need to have, eating delicious leftovers instead of stopping for something more exciting, doing today instead of waiting until tomorrow – wonderful experiences of pushing through my resistance and having a good day!!!

Tonight I get to add that I worked through my resistance to post the post!


by Susan Beyler
Integrative Therapist, The Estuary
(615) 337-7017