Planning and Re-Planning, by Susan Beyler

It took a while for my adult self to finally accept that there was only so much time available to accomplish things that needed being done.

Deciding what first priority was came easy – these were the things that clearly must to be done without delay.

Organizing the next ones on the list was a bigger challenge.  It soon was clear that there was a low possibility of knowing ‘the right answer’. 

Ok, so as long as I make a plan, I’m ok, right?

An even a bigger challenge was next – plans have a high possibility of change even if I don’t want them to change!

Next was the biggest challenge – to stop the self-talk about should’a, could’a – it would get tangled in my thinking of what to do next and slooooowed everything down.

Then, one day, in the middle of a tangle, I received help from an unusual source.  It showed up as a small voice in my ear (that we all would recognize) – the warm, fuzzy, a little bit sexy, slightly exasperated voice of Siri – ‘Recalculate’.

When we’re driving and have to ‘recalculate’ we never go backwards; we go down some side streets to get back on course.

Extending the metaphor, I found that these particular ‘side streets’ worked best for me to get me redirected with some clarity.


  • Drink a huge glass of water
  • If I am standing, sit down and relax my body; if I am sitting, stand up and move my body
  • Take 30 seconds to make the weirdest faces I can make
  • Sing 1 chorus of Happy Birthday or the ABC’s at full volume


  • Touch anything electronic, including phone (I can change music only)
  • Eat anything except a full meal or one piece of fruit – let my body and the clock help me decide what to do
  • Try and figure out anything except the next thing to do; all will be revealed! 

Much easier! – Thanks to my voice-in-my-head - a GPS tool for confusion!

by Susan Beyler
Integrative Therapist, The Estuary
(615) 337-7017