What is The Estuary?, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

Jesus said to the woman at the well;  'Give me a drink'
                              -- John 4:10-26

A wise woman asked me today, “What is it about The Estuary that is so precious and so unique?  What is it that so many different kinds of people come here to find?”
I was reminded of the story of Jesus, the prophet, at the well.  This prophet tired out by his journey asked the Samaritan woman to “Give me a drink.”
I know tiredness like the one he may have felt.  I know the loss of hope, creativity and curiosity that comes with bone-weary tiredness.  I often sip from the cup of engagement with my truth that The Estuary secretly offers to all who draw near.
We humans often worship what we do not know.  The Estuary offers us an opportunity to worship what YOU will come to know as your truth.  The Estuary has a mission of assisting us all to become bearers of our personal essence or truth.
The Estuary has become a place where Shekinah (Divine Light and Presence) dwells.  It is the place to learn to sip from your Inner Light, to find meaning and purpose on your tiring journey into your life.
We are wishing you the Divine Radiance and Glory of your life’s quest for truth and place in today’s tiring journey of life.  Let us be your New Year’s Resolution.  Happy Holidays for us all.

          —Susan Austin-Crumpton
                Executive Director & Founder
                The Estuary, Inc.