Playing it Safe, by Maureen Doyle, MAT

Before the birth of my daughters and way before my divorce, I followed my curiosity. I followed whatever peeked my interest. 

I worked as a baker, a banker, an auditor, a real estate agent, a Spanish tutor, and even a flight attendant! 

I felt that I could be led by my sense of adventure and curiosity because the only one that I was responsible for was me.

Everything changed after my divorce. I HAD to play it safe now.  I plotted out my life according to what my intellectual mind told me to do. And that was a reasonable thing to do. I had two daughters that depended on me. I had a huge responsibility and I took that very seriously. 

Being reasonable and responsible led me to a career in teaching. It gave me the same schedule as my daughters.  It seemed like the RIGHT thing to do.  It seemed sensible. And I did love it. I loved working with the children; I loved my principal and co-workers. But there was something else that was lighting me up.  It was working with divorced moms. Helping them navigate the mine fields of divorce and post-divorce. 

As I continued to teach, the fire inside me to work with single moms continued to burn. My heart told me to commit myself to this but my head told me to keep teaching and Play it Safe.

This past year, I knew that it was time for me to stop playing it safe. I had been both teaching and coaching for a few years and I knew that I needed to pick a lane and go all in. Was it scary? Hell yes! There were many sleepless nights. But it has also been magical. Each day I am reminded that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do by the people that show up for me to coach.

Playing it safe is a really comfortable place to be and jumping off the diving board into the deep end can be terrifying but when you know that you are following your passion and your curiosity, how can you not take the leap? 

Maureen Doyle, MAT
Life Coach
The Estuary, Inc.