The Heart of The Estuary, by Lynn Bartrum

I was sitting in The Estuary classroom earlier today preparing for a class I was offering.  I must say, it’s one of my favorite places to be.  I could hear several voices in the hallway and in the office closest to the classroom, but I was alone in the classroom itself and it was quiet.  The sunlight was streaming through the blinds on the windows, gently illuminating the room.  I love this place.  It is a welcoming, healing place.  

We gather here to learn, explore, share, experience, encounter fellow seekers, become.  The energy here can change so much throughout the day, and week, and year.  Several of our therapists and counselors will use this room when they are working with couples or families.  Our Auric Healing and Kabbalistic Healing classes meet here, as does our Life Coach certification and Mastermind programs.  At first, new classmates are reserved, just getting to know and trust one another.  By around the fourth class together, there is a lovely buzz of laughter and conversation at every break and Susan will have to ring a bell or someone will raise a hand (a trick Maureen taught us from her days teaching elementary school students!) to get everyone to quiet down so we can begin again.  I love to witness this evolution!  Our bi-weekly staffing meetings happen in this room.  There are 15 of us now, and the room is crowded!  I treasure this time for connection, training, support, and professional guidance with our client work.  Last but not least, our individual class offerings happen here.  At lunch breaks, evenings after work, and on weekends, people find their way here to this place to meet like-minded people and experience a short class on topics ranging from autoimmune support or chakra basics to the enneagram or Susan’s  Adult Chair.  

Tonight’s class was on a Life Design tool I often share with my clients, and everyone gathered here was new to The Estuary.  That’s unusual, and what a gift!  I hope each of them could feel the love and support present here.  May they return again and again, playing, exploring, and becoming, adding their personalities and gifts to the beautiful energy of this place. Welcome, friends.  

Lynn Bartrum, Life Coach