Being Happy, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

I am thinking about the vast array of people I know and relationships I am in.  I have many opinions and thoughts about every one of them.  Some are happy relationships, some are troubled, some people are a joy when I come in contact with them and some create conflict and feel uncomfortable.

I am considering the thought, “What if I had a choice about the way I think I am and I think you are?”   The world is my perception of it.  Often my relationships become a mirror image of what is inside my emotions and my thoughts.   I see what I believe and I look out at you and see what I am feeling inside about myself.

I am the interpreter!  If I feel chaotic you may feel like the one creating chaos in my life.  Even if The Source of all consciousness was standing before me when I feel chaotic inside, that oneness will feel chaotic to me.  Confusion and chaos would be the listener, the receiver.

It works the other way also.  I am the creation of who you think I am at any given moment.  I don’t have a choice about your perception of me.  You may see me as whatever you have going on inside yourself.  Many times I am your uninvestigated self.

Try this exercise today.  Whenever you have a thought or a feeling about another person turn it around to a personal statement.  For example:  “I really like her, she is so together and happy.”  Try it in first person:  “I really like me, I am so together and happy.”

It works in reverse also:   “That person is treating me unkindly.  First person restatement:  “I am treating me unkindly."

Keeping the focus where it belongs -- On Myself! -- is a deeply effective learning experience that results in a creative, accountable, and happy me.  A simple experiment that works. I enjoy feeling alive and engaged every day.

I like feeling happy!   

Susan Austin-Crumpton
Founder & Executive Director, The Estuary