Do You Wonder, by Guest Blogger David J. Saffold

Do you wonder...

Why a group of young men fly airliners into buildings full of people they never met?

Why a person mows down dozens of strangers with a machine gun at an outdoor concert?

Why a person overdoses a few months after completing drug addiction treatment?

Why a politician ruins their career by having an affair and embezzling taxpayer funds?

Why a person feels justified in sexually harassing others?

Why a wealthy person goes to jail for stealing money?

Why a person stays with someone who abuses them?

Why a person abuses their child, their spouse, their parent?

None of this makes sense and seems to defy even nature itself!  Yet, if you watch the news, it is happening all the time.  Has the world simply gone crazy?

Actually, it makes perfect sense when you understand what drives people to do what they do.  When you understand the power of your beliefs.

When we feel threatened we naturally want to eliminate the cause of the threat.  There are three ways we have to accomplish this.  First is to run away or escape. For instance, if you see a hungry tiger staring at you down the road during your daily walk you most probably will turn and run away as fast as you can.  I know I would!  A second alternative is to simply freeze and be totally still.  Freezing up is actually a pretty common threat avoidance technique in nature.  Lastly, you can attack and kill or scare away the threat.  

One of the main functions of your core beliefs is to protect you from threatening situations.  But when destructive beliefs have developed and is interpreting life itself as very threatening then you will create destruction in your life.  Destructive addictions, violence, abuse, and inability to realize our true ambitions for our lives are all manifestations of our destructive beliefs.

Your beliefs create your experience of life and determines what you do or don't do, what you get in life and what you don't get in life.  More importantly, you can learn to change your beliefs to create a new experience of life - the experience of life you truly want.

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David J. Saffold

David Saffold is a Professional Life Coach, Certified Pastoral Counselor, Integrative Healer, and author specializing in helping people change their beliefs to create new experiences of life.

He has spent much of his adult life investigating the human belief system, how it operates to create our experiences of life, and how it can be successfully changed to create a new experience of life.