I Will, I Will!, by Susan Beyler

I was addressing a behavior issue with my 5yr old granddaughter.  “This behavior needs to change or you’ll need to go to another room”.

Like most 5yr olds, she started chanting,  “I will, I will!!”

I tried reasoning,  “But you’re not changing; change the behavior”. 

The chanting continued.  I breathed, heard a whisper and repeated it to her, “When I see it, I can believe it”. 

She balled her fists, left the room, caught her breath, came out and we moved on.

The interesting part has been hearing the whisper again and again thru the weeks after she left, as I tell myself, “I will, I will!”


Susan Beyler
Integrative Therapist, The Estuary


Susan Beyler

Susan graduated from the seven year program with The School of Self Healing Arts in 2001. She has been on staff at the school for 7 years and she has a private practice as a pastoral counselor with The Estuary. As a Montessori teacher for many years she has experience working with human inner growth and development. With her midwife training she is able to “birth” the spiritual growth so necessary to living a whole and meaningful life. She works with individuals accompanying them on their journey to a full relationship with themselves and their lives. Susan specializes in energy therapies with family of origin issues, addiction, depression, coupleship and trauma. She does hands on energy work with physical health issues and emotional balancing and strengthening. Drawing on her experience as a middle school teacher, she offers therapeutic workshops in subjects such as healthy boundaries, grief and loss, and relationship skills. She lived on The Farm (one of the oldest running intentional communities known for its midwifery, vegetarian cuisine, and alternative technology) for many years, and is a grandmother.