Love, Freedom, and Death, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

In the last few months I have watched three beautiful people enter into the physical release of their death.  Those of us left behind are devastated with loss and profoundly missing their physical presence.  Sadness and loneliness fill our days.

I was taught as a child that my body and my life is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  In this temple, which is me, are my difficulties, self judgments and struggles, my uniqueness and my individuality.

In death I am separated from my life and my difficulties, my life is no longer the subject of my thoughts and struggles.  I enter into true Wholeness where my fragmented life can be returned to the Oneness of Being that a true temple of the Holy Spirit is meant to be.

So, what do I learn standing with these beloved souls in their death?  First I can learn to live in the preciousness of every moment as all three of these beloved people learned to do amidst their pain and fear.  They also showed me how to experience freedom and value each living moment since their past and their futures were erased in those last few days.

In death I saw the wisdom and sage that existed in each of them surface and with great courage and determination to live every moment life offered until the very last breath.  Once again I learned to let memory and consciousness exist hand in hand without judgment and fear.

If only I could remember this in each moment now.  If only I could remember this is truly the temple my spirit and life long for in this present moment.  I believe this is the Freedom I long for the most.

Susan Austin-Crumpton
Executive Director & Founder
The Estuary, Inc.