Love Letter, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

This is a love letter.

A love letter to my husband, to my family, to The Estuary Staff and to our clients.
Every moment I spend thinking of you, talking with you, helping you, laughing with you is a lovely relational act where you become present to me and I am present with you. I gaze at the space between us as I look into the eternal You. Every breath of US is an eternal breath of You and Me.
I feel your life so present as my own. Gazing at your presence reminds me of the gaze into the eternal Presence for which I so long.
Our relationship is a spiritual vehicle for my growth and hopefully for yours also. I often find all of us frustrating and challenging. Yet, I am eternally grateful for the maturity and self-knowledge we are all committed to withstand as we move through the rocky road of tolerating inner and outer struggles.

Living this life of learning and growing is difficult.

Thanks to all of you, it feels like a sacred path of knowing you as my beloved in the totality of yours and mine strength and weakness.

I appreciate you deeply. I support you deeply.  

I am filled with compassion and love on this day called Valentine’s Day.
Happy happy…joy joy.

Susan Austin-Crumpton
   Executive Director & Founder
   The Estuary, Inc.