Loving Him/Her As Myself, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

This is not my first rodeo into this realm of the feminist movement.

Last time we demanded that men change, declared our sexual freedom, decided to make ourselves happy instead of waiting for “HIM” to make me happy, and burned our bras.  OHHH. . . the freedom we thought we had found.
However, as women, we forgot to bring our confident, assertive voices with us.  Instead, we drug forward our angry or silent voices into our present and future.
Today I feel like a version of Martin Luther King.  “I have a dream . . .” 

I have a dream that we will move beyond being male and female when it comes to dominance or privilege.  In place, we see each other as one living spirit respecting each gender as unique, having different qualities as human beings and all with hearts overflowing with love and caring.
I believe when we “love” one another that we surrender to a third energy field, which IS a body.  This body is a real and true thing that exists and needs attending, and attention, and truthful clarity to survive.

So, I can say with honesty I have figured a way to co-create this subtle “body” with other women and sisters. There is a respect an understanding beyond explaining that exists between us.

Now I believe it is time to find a new energy body, second body, light body if you will, between men and women.  We will all thrive in this third place and emerge forcefully with respect and love for our differences and challenges facing being men and women.
I am paraphrasing Ladislaus Boros:

When two genders say “we” because love has made us
we in reality,
A new sphere of existence is created.
The whole world takes on a new dimension,
a new depth.
This  new sphere of existence is not simply “already there”;
it comes into existence as a function of the
free acceptance of one person  with another.


Susan Austin-Crumpton
   Executive Director & Founder
   The Estuary, Inc.