Sharing My Vision, by Lynn Bartrum

I’ve been holding onto a secret these past nine years, and feel it is time to come clean.  

In the fall of 2009, my husband Thomas and I were staying overnight in Louisville, as we were moving our daughter back to Nashville the next day.  She had recently graduated from college and was moving back home. As we settled down to sleep that night, I had been reading A Course in Miracles, and was lying awake, staring out into the dark room, thinking.  Suddenly I experienced a vision - I was so confused!  It was like I was seeing this full-color 3D movie in front of my eyes, but I was wide awake, knew where I was, could move my own hand around in front of my face, feel the bed I was lying on, hear Thomas breathing next to me. I finally stopped trying to analyze, stopped trying to understand what was going on, and just watched, awe-struck, for what would turn out to be hours.  What I saw was beautiful, inspiring, heart-warming, and breath-taking.  As I watched, I also knew and understood so much about what I was seeing.  Honestly, these words cannot come close to conveying my experience.  No matter how hard I try, I still only remember a fraction of what I saw and experienced that night, but this I what I do remember:

The vision began and I was in what looked like a beautiful farmers’ market.  Lots of beautiful, organic food set out in enticing displays… lots of smiling people mingling, sharing conversation, and taking what they wanted. There was an abundance of beautiful food for everyone.  I knew that those growing the food did so because that was their passion—it brought them so much love, joy, and satisfaction to be outside, working in the soil, growing the beautiful food.  Those that took the food to market did so because they loved being with people, creating the enticing displays, and sharing the food.

I saw people dining in restaurants; beautiful meals prepared from fresh, organic produce.  Those cooking the food, serving the food, and running the restaurant loved doing so; it was an outpouring of creative, joyful, self-expression.  

Everyone I was shown had a home they loved; it was just what they needed for themselves and their families – no more and no less.  They were beautifully designed, with lots of windows to allow light in.  I saw the loving craftsmanship that went into the carpentry and every other aspect of building the home.  

Whatever people were doing, wherever and whatever I was shown, they were doing from a place of joyful self-expression.

I saw teachers teaching children both inside and outdoors; there was lots of play and laughter.  The older students were naturally more serious, but still seemed relaxed, curious, self-confident, and happy.  They were learning EVERYTHING from traditional subjects to taking care of their bodies (honoring and expressing emotions, meditation, learning how to develop their own inner knowing and intuition), and taking care of the earth and all living things (such as growing gardens, and taking care of animals). I saw them learning how to honor one another at work, play, and relationships, working together to solve problems, and working through disagreements.  They were also exploring all forms of art—song, dance, painting, making pottery, etc. The teens all learned how to be independent, make decisions, and manage a home.  They were able to learn and try anything they were interested in.  When they moved into the areas of additional training for medicine, teaching, carpentry, agriculture, engineering, research, community service, or caregiving, it was a natural transition from simply following their interests into doing what they loved doing as their vocation.  All ages of students felt happy, full of curiosity, confident to pursue any interest, and all vocations were honored.

I saw medical practitioners. There were still places such as hospitals, but they were much more inviting, and more like home.  I saw there were surgeons and specialists, because accidents still happened, and people still sometimes had serious medical challenges.  But overall the practice of medicine seemed so much different.  Physicians and healers of all types (acupuncture, chiropractors, therapeutic massage and physical therapists, energy healers, counselors, and on and on) worked together as a team and no matter where someone was being helped, the whole person - mind, body, and spirit was addressed. There was much more of a proactive approach; the emphasis was on maintaining optimal health, helping people know when they are out of balance in any area, then aiding them, supporting them, and educating them as they worked toward regaining their balance and wholeness again.

There was a system of justice, but nothing like the prison system we have now.  This was treated as a taking of responsibility, making reparations, and then compassionately, with education, counseling, and accountability, working with the person to help them return to their wholeness (addressing whatever imbalance there may be) and return to their community again.  

Technological advances and innovation happened at a truly rapid pace, and whenever something new was discovered or developed, the information was immediately shared all across the world. There was no secrecy.

Overall, I was struck by the transparency which was evident.  There was an environment of mutual love and respect.  There was cooperation and collaboration rather than a win-lose, every-man-for-himself, competitive environment.  

There is far more that I simply do not remember than what I do remember.  This vision took place for hours… roughly 11:30pm until just before 3:00am.  I was enthralled, my heart bursting with wonder and joy.  Around 3am my husband woke up and was carefully feeling his way around the bed in the dark hotel room, trying to not wake me on his way to the bathroom.  I quietly said “you may turn on a light.  I’m awake.” He did so, looked at me and said “what in the world are you so happy about at 3am?! We need to be up in 3 hours to go get the U-Haul truck!  You need to be sleeping!”  Thomas can be quite negative and sarcastic, and is aptly named as his natural inclination is to doubt something until he himself can prove it.  I didn’t want to share this vision with him; I was still soaring from the beauty of everything I had just seen and felt and didn’t want it diminished in any way.  Thomas sat on the side of the bed, and quietly said, “Please tell me.  I promise I’ll just listen and won’t say a word.” I spent the next 30 minutes or so telling him every detail I could remember. 

Once I was finished, Thomas asked “Do you really think we will see that in our lifetime?”  I was confused.  I hadn’t said that.  I hadn’t even stopped to question what it was I was seeing.  Was it the future? Was it heaven? Was it just a utopian ideal I longed for?  But that confusion gave way in a matter of seconds as my whole body responded in a resounding YES!  I had this deep, profound knowing.  Yes.  I may be 100 when it happens, but we will see this in my lifetime.

Two things happened then. I was excited, and also felt somber at the realization that we have to get from the way our society works now to that new way of living and being in relationship to one another in a mere 50-60 years.  I knew this could come about as a slow, gradual change that builds momentum or it could come about as the result of everything we know –our economic, educational, political, judicial, and health care systems--collapsing and us building something new in its wake.  I had a sinking feeling it would be a collapsing and rebuilding, feeling compassion for how scared so many of us would be during the worst of it.  Still, I prayed that we’d come to our senses in time for it to be more of a gradual, gentler transition.  Either way, change was coming, and I just had this immediate feeling of calm and resolve.  I’m buckling up, because we are in for a ride, and I cannot wait for what is coming at the end of it!

So, why share this now? And why not then?  Time has given me an unwavering confidence.  Critics or naysayers can no longer cause me to doubt what I saw or make me feel foolish for sharing.  I do not know why I was shown this vision, but it has informed who I have become since then.  It has been a comfort for me when I am disheartened by all the fear and hate I see, and how cruel we often treat anyone or anything we define as “others”—humans, all living creatures, our planet.  I have shared with a select few close friends, family, and clients only as I felt compelled to do so, usually to give them hope when they were feeling despair at the state the world is in.  Recently my dear friend Amanda, a beautiful light in the darkness for so many, published an essay in which she shared that sometimes hope is fleeting. She wondered if she were to turn back time, would she make the conscious choice to bring new little souls to this planet during this bleak time in our history? It broke my heart.  I understand.  Truly.  I have been brought to my knees so very often, crying over whatever the latest atrocity I heard or saw or read.  I have wondered if I had the strength and will to be here another day.  But I remember what I saw, felt, and heard that night, and I resolve to do my part to bring it to reality.  It is my great joy as a life coach and energy practitioner to help others be the most authentic, genuine, fullest version of themselves. This is because I know that when we ALL are being the purest, truest version of ourselves, we treat one another with love, kindness, compassion, and respect. Surely in doing so we will create the world that I saw.  

Since reading Amanda’s article, I feel compelled to share my vision with anyone who would see it, read it, and be bolstered by it.  May it bring you hope, and the promise of a new world.  In truth, it is already here.  I can feel the energy of it, ever-present, whenever I can be silent and still.  I see bright pockets of evidence of it, in the here and now, all across the world.  Open your heart and your eyes, and I hope you see and feel it too.

Lynn Bartrum, Life Coach