Kabbalah Gratitude for The Estuary, by Molly Brown, Guest Blogger and School of Healing Arts Student

This is a letter written to Estuary Founder and Executive Director, Susan Austin-Crumpton from Molly Brown, her student of many years:

I have felt compelled to write you all morning so that’s what I’m doing. I just have to share my experience with you and the second phase of what I believe are new beginnings.  Last night when I got home I felt the most profound peace, warmth and gratitude that I have had in a long time thanks to The Estuary. 

What is Hope? by Susan Beyler

What is Hope?  by Susan Beyler

​In the last few weeks, the word ‘hope’ has caught my ear.  These have been conversations about significant events; not the hope as in ‘I hope my favorite team wins’.  Since I, too, have had occasion lately to use the word, I started thinking about what it was that I meant when I said ‘I hope’.