Surrender, by Maureen Doyle, MAT

Surrender, by Maureen Doyle, MAT

Surrender is not a word that I like to use. It conjures up thoughts of giving in, someone else taking control, not winning. I am a strong person and I used to believe that to surrender was a sign of weakness and that was the last thing that I want to be seen as – weak.

That First Big Step, by guest blogger David Saffold

The following is my first entry in a series about the 12-step spiritual program of recovery.

In my opinion, alcohol is a drug.  Just as cocaine, heroin, or crystal meth is a drug.  The 12 step program will work for any drug of addiction.  However, since I am referring to the 12 step program defined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, I keep the wording of each step found therein.  Please, feel free to replace the word "alcohol" in this issue with whatever suits your situation.