A Deeper Practice, by Stephanie Shockley, MA

A Deeper Practice, by Stephanie Shockley, MA

In January, as many of us do, I began a new exercise regime. I made a plan to meet my middle daughter at a 7:30am yoga class. Unaware of the time it would take to travel across the city on the first day of school after the holiday break, I was surprised I arrived to find the class door still open and time to spare. 

5 Minutes a Day, by guest blogger Jacqueline DeSelms-Wolfe

I went to see my psychiatrist a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of having her increase my anti-depressants. I walk in confidently, sit down and tell her, "I need to up my medication. I have been depressed. I think I need the change." 

She smiles and says, "How is your yoga going?"