The Blessing, by Susan Austin-Crumpton

I too frequently wake up in the middle of the night with my mind whirling in a thousand directions at once.  That’s when I listen to podcasts.  I am comforted by the drone of other voices other than my own lulling me back to sleep; unless, the podcast is interesting. 
That happened the other night as I listened to Richard Rohr speak about men and grieving the loss of their father’s blessing that occurs too often in this culture.  A father’s blessing is simply hearing the words “I’m proud of you”.  Without this blessing men (and women) turn to external validation and ego driven lives to find themselves and to find meaning in work, relationships, success, addiction etc.
As a woman I never heard that from my father either.  I know now he couldn’t give me what he never received himself.  So I became a seeker of I did not know what?  I turned to relationships, food, work, possessions, accomplishments, friends etc.  Searching, always searching to satiate a restless unfulfilled desire for something I couldn’t name.
However, the searching I was hunting for was within me all along.  First was a grief for the blessing that I could never receive since my father had died.  There was a deep sadness that my wise helpers and healers guided me through session by session, class by class.
Today I can say I feel a deep Blessing that I connect with each moment that is a light of acceptance and guidance from my Higher Self, my Higher Power, and my Divine connection to something bigger than myself.  Many name this as God.
First, comes the grief.  Second, comes the Blessing.
My invitation to all is to join us here at The Estuary and The School of Self Healing Arts for guidance and to learn to receive your Blessing of Divine Connection.


Susan Austin-Crumpton

Executive Director & Founder

The Estuary, Inc.