Who Are You Answering To? - by Maureen Doyle, MAT


This year, let your true self plan for the year instead of letting others make that choice for you…

I ran a workshop earlier this year, Make it Happen in 2018!, and it was filled with enthusiastic participants. There was an energy that filled the room that was palpable. It seemed to say – “Look out 2018, here I come! This year is going to be big!”

But before we even got to that part of the program, I asked the group – 

·     Who are you answering to?  

·     Are you living your life in line with who you are at your very core?  

·     Or are you living your life for someone or something else?

How many of us are even aware of who we are at our very essence? At birth, we all sprang into this world with unique desires and talents, but through the years, have these desires, dreams, and talents been buried by our parents, peers, teachers, and even society? Not that any of them wanted to hurt us or hold us back. On the contrary, quite often they thought that they were helping us. Showing us love. Trying to protect us from experiencing the pain of failure or having a difficult life. Or perhaps they were answering to their own fears and their own dreams that they placed upon us.  

Where did that leave us? Confused, unmotivated, lost. Sometimes it is even hard to know or remember who we are. Maybe you were born with the heart and soul of an artist but your parents were physicians and their dream was for you to follow in their footsteps. Have you forgotten your desires and do you walk through life uninspired?  

As a life coach when I work with a client, I try to unearth those dreams, desires, and longings. Sometimes they are so deeply suppressed that it takes some heavy excavation. Other times, they are just beneath the surface and only need some encouragement to bring them out of the dark and into the light. 

Before we continue 2018 with our big plans to make big things happen, why not ask your true self, your very essence, what it wants to manifest and create this year. Even if your parents, peers, teachers and society, are not too thrilled about your choice, I bet that your inner knowing might be jumping up and down for joy. This incredibly unique part of you might have been forgotten and buried for far too many years.


Maureen Doyle, MAT
Life Coach
The Estuary, Inc.