Meditations from The Estuary


The Estuary is pleased to offer a CD of beautiful, selected guided meditations by Susan Austin-Crumpton, with musical accompaniment by some of Nashville's most talented musicians. These graceful meditations will soothe your soul as they lift your heart.

"Mountain Lake," the first of the CD's meditations, is available now for your listening pleasure:

This Meditation CD is our free gift to you with a donation of $15 or more to The Estuary.

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The tracks on the Meditations CD

  1. Mountain Lake. This is a  powerful Kabalistic Healing that teaches us to receive the grace coming to us each day, remembering who we really are and reconnecting us with our essence.
  2. Receiving Light. This meditation takes us through our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, reuniting us with the Divine and our Eternal self.
  3. Healing the Mandorla.  A powerful meditation to invite healing into our current problems and conflicts.
  4. I Will Not Leave You. (St. John, Chapter 14, Verse 18.) A soothing, comforting meditation re-establishing belief in higher self and the Divine present in us all.
  5. Chakra Meditation. A daily meditation that balances and expands your energy field. Try this before you take on your life each day.
  6. The Altar. This meditation calls on the higher self to resolve our problems, creating a sense of calm and peace.
  7. Healing Power of Love. Rudolf Steiner reconnects us with the higher sense of love and light available to us as we move into our life purpose and meaning.

Musical accompaniment

                    Piano and cajun drum by Erin Fox
                                        Violin, mandolin and guitar by Deanie Richardson
                                        Keyboards, piano and guitar by Bill Tennyson
                                        This CD was engineered and mixed by Bill Tennyson and Erin Fox
                            Produced by Deanie Richardson and Suzy Newman