Pain Management

Do you struggle with:

  • Back or neck pain?

  • Migraines?

  • Pain due to autoimmune disorder or other illness?


The purpose of our work is to help you get into a different relationship with your pain. When you step into a different relationship with your pain, you stimulate your body's own healing response. As a result of changing this relationship, pain relief usually occurs. We work to help your mind, body, and spirit connect at a deeper level, in turn bringing healing to a deeper level.

In conjunction with hands-on therapy, clients may also choose to discuss with their therapist any current emotional and lifestyle issues to facilitate the healing process. Integrative therapy combines talk therapy with energy therapy, which we believe provides the most long-term relief.

If you wish, you may call our administrator at 615-467-6462 to discuss your needs and to help you decide who would be the best therapist to fit your needs.